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Ханты-Мансийского автономного округа

бюджетное учреждение профессионального образования

Ханты - Мансийского автономного округа – Югры

«Когалымский политехнический колледж»



учебной дисциплины


Разработано преподавателем

английского языка

Рачковской О.А.

Когалым, 2017


Цель олимпиады - выявить уровень подготовленности студентов по английскому языку.

При проведении олимпиады используется подбор лексико-грам- матических заданий и заданий на смекалку и эрудицию.

В задания олимпиады включен лексико-грамматический материал, изученный студентами на 3 курсе. Олимпиада проводится согласно Положению об олимпиаде и требованиям, предъявляемым к участникам, которые доводятся до сведения участников /см. Приложение /

К участию допускаются все желающие.

Олимпиада, проводится в один тур.

Инструкция по выполнению работы

На выполнение работы дается 45 минут. Работа состоит из 5 заданий.

Внимательно прочитайте каждое задание и предлагаемые варианты ответа, если они имеются. Отвечайте только после того, как вы поняли вопрос и проанализировали все варианты ответа.

Выполняйте задание в том порядке, в каком они даны. Для экономии времени пропускайте задание, которое не удается выполнить сразу, и переходите к следующему. К пропущенному заданию вы можете вернуться после выполнения всей работы, если останется время.

Желаем успеха!

I. Match up professions with their duties. Write letters in the right order.

1) Surgeon

A. to give legal advise or assistance

2) Waiter

B. to perform operations

3) Lawyer

C. to serve people in a restaurant

4) Scientist

D. to explore the world

5) Miner

E. to make things with wood.

6) Carpenter

F. to drive a car.

7) Chauffeur

G. to dig coal from the ground.

2. Choose the right answer

1. Name the capital of England.

a) Cardiff b) Belfast c) London

2. What are the main colours of the Union Flag?

a) blue, red, white b) blue and white c) red and white

3. What is the favourite hot drink in Britain?

a) coffee b) cocoa c) tea

4. What is the name of the present British Queen?

a) Elizabeth I b)Mary c) Elizabeth II

5. Where did Beatles come from?

a) Bristol b) Manchester c) Liverpool

6. What is the national musical instrument of Scotland?

a) bagpipe b)trumpet c)guitar

7. Which kind of sport is a typical American invention?

a)tennis b) baseball c) golf

8. Who of the American scientist invented the telephone?

a) Henry Ford b) Martin King c) Alexander Bell

9. What is the traditional meal on Thanksgiving day?

a) fish b) pudding c) turkey

10. Who of the American writers wrote books under the name of Mark Twain?

a)Jack London b) Samuel Clemens c) John Grisham

3. Match up expressions with their translation.

1) In my opinion

2) First of all

3) In addition

4) On the other hand

A. С другой стороны

Б. К тому же

В. С моей точки зрения

Г. В первую очередь

4. Read the text and for the questions 1-7 choose names from the prize-winners. You can choose some prize-winners more than once.

Which person:

1.has written a book?

2.was very young when she started to fight for other people?

3.Has a father who also fought for his people’s rights?

4.is not known by her real name?

5.was unable to receive the Peace Prize herself?

6.lives in South America?

7.worked in a country where she was not born?

A Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi was born in 1945 in Burma. Her father, who was the national leader, was assassinated when she was only two years old. He had fought for the freedom of the Burmese people. Her father, together with the work of Mahatma Gandhi, inspired Aung San Suu Kyi to continue to struggle for democracy. When she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, she was in prison in Burma. Her husband and two sons went to the ceremony since she could not go. The chairperson of the peace committee explained why she had been given the award: “In the good fight for peace we depend on people who set examples, people, who can symbolize what we are fighting for. Aung San Suu Kyi is just such a person who has fought for democracy, respect for human rights and non-violence”.

B Rigoberta Menchu

In 1992, the Peace Prize went to Rigoberta Menchu, a Mayan Indian of Guatemala. Like her father, Menchu has fought for justice and the rights of the native people of her country. In I, Rigobe, An Indian Woman in Guatemala, which is her autobiography, Mencu tells some tragic stories. For example, soldiers murdered her mother and brother because they had criticized the rich landowners: the soldiers set fire to the embassy where the poor peasants were making a peaceful protest. Despite everything she and her people had suffered, Menchu did not return to violence, but to peaceful political and social work for her people, which is the reason why received the prize.

C Mother Teresa

At the age of 12, Agnes Bojaxhiu decided to go and work in India where, at the age of 18, she started to teach in a girl’s school in Calcutta. After 16 years she went to work in the Calcutta slums. There she started a new order, the Missionaries of Charity, which aimed to help the poorest of the poor. This movement soon spread to many other countries. Awarding her the Peace Prize in 1979, the committee stated: “She promotes peace in the most basic way, by fighting for human dignity in everyone”. The world knows her as Mother Teresa.

5. Read the texts and match the headlines 1 – 8 with texts A – G. The one headline is odd. Use every number only one time.

1. The truth about what really happened. 5. Finding a way to communicate

2. It’s impossible to use aliens 6. We are not alone

3. Have other life forms visited the Earth? 7. An unlikely meeting

4. Is the Earth unique? 8. How has our thinking changed?

Is there life on other planets?

Scientists increasingly convinced of the existence of other intelligent life forms. Where should we be looking for?

  1. Ever since people realized the Earth was just a tiny part of the universe, they have wondered about the existence of other intelligent life forms. Early on, many people thought that intelligent life might be found on the Mars or the Venus, our two nearest planets. Now that we have sent unmanned spacecraft to these planet, we know that no intelligent life exists there.

  2. The Earth’s position in relation to the Sun makes it the only planet in our own solar system which is obviously capable of sustaining life. If we were nearer the Sun, there would be a thick layer of cloud around us; thus would trap heat, causing the temperature to rise. Within a short time, the Earth would turn into a desert, completely unsuitable for life. If we were further away from the Sun, there would not enough heat to prevent water from freezing. The polar ice caps would expand, and sea level would fall. Before long, the Earth would become an Arctic wasteland.

  3. Many people claim to have seen flying objects (UFOs), proving that alien life must exist. Most scientists, however, believe UFO sightings to be imagination. The formation of “crop circles” in different parts of the world was once claimed to be evidence of alien activity. Now these circles are thought to be either a natural phenomenon or the work of hoaxers.

  4. Ironically, the US government is to blame for the biggest UFO story of all. In 1947 a mysterious crash took place near a government airbase in New Mexico. For many years the US denied that anything strange had taken place. This led some people to conclude that the government was covering up evidence of an alien spacecraft that had crashed. It turns out that the wreckage was part of a top-secret aircraft and nothing to do with UFOs at all.

  5. Skeptics dismiss the idea of other life forms as complete nonsense. However, Frank Drake, an astronomer, has worked out an equation to estimate the number of civilizations in our galaxy. Even so, it is taken seriously by scientists, who have calculated that there may be several billion civilizations in our galaxy alone. So the probability of intelligent life becomes extremely high.

  6. The best proof of life beyond earth would be to come face to face with aliens from another planet. But unless they visit us, this won’t happen. Space travel to even the nearest star. Alpha Centauri, is at present totally impossible because of the distance. At modern speed it would take 12000 years to reach it. We might like the idea of encountering aliens, but it’s unrealistic to expect it to happen.

  7. So scientists are pinning their hopes on exchanging messages with alien civilizations, if they exist. They are scanning the universe for radio waves sent as signals from aliens. However, there is a number of problems with this approach. Moreover, the messages may have taken centuries to reach us; any reply we send will take just as long.


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