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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Information letter about human resources

Name and address of the Participant: _________________________________

Table-1. Core Human Resources



Education (which school graduated, year of graduation, received specialty), admission groups, certificates, licenses, etc.

Work experience in this or similar position, years


Specialists (designers, sales, program, procurement managers, etc.)

Other staff

Table-2. Summary

Staff category



Engineering, designers and technical

Other staff




Name and Position of signing person
End of the form

6.8.2 Filling instructions The Participant indicates date and number of the Proposal in accordance with the offer submission letter (section 6.1). The Participant indicates its company name (including its legal organizational form) and its address. Table-1 of this reference indicates only those employees who will be directly involved by the Participant in the course of the implementation of the contract. Table-2 of this reference indicates, in general, the staffing number of all specialists who are employees of the Participant. Under the section "Other staff" you are allowed not to fill in the data on education and work experience or you can limit yourself to indicating the total number of employees in this category.
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! iconDear Ladies and Gentlemen!
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